Feb 6, 2016

Trankt4stic thoughts

Saw Trankt4stic, which I got for $5... discount coupon and stuff.

I regret it so badly. I should have simply left it there to rot instead, but no. I HAD to get this turd. It's bad. There's no dancing around and try to look for positives here. It stinks and everyone involved should be ashamed of it.

Trank will use studio meddling to defend himself, but that won't change that the movie is a massive piece of cinematic diarrhea being pushed by the horrid hemorrhoid filled anus of 20th Century Fox.

But even though this is a bloody turd of a movie, in the name of fairness, I MUST point iut a few giod things.
-Miles Teller could play a decent Reed, but not a high school student.
-referencing some old school FF stuff. Central City, Reed having slight shapeshifting powers.
-There will not be a sequel.

I TRIED to at least to tolerate the movie, but it bored me to tears.
The rights better return to Marvel ASAP.
The Room is a masterpiece next to this.

Feb 5, 2016

My thoughts on then Mattel/Hasbro merger rumors

Not gonna happen. This merger rumors have been going around for decades. Now let's pretend it DOES happen. What would this mean... for He-Man, I mean.

My biggest fear is that he'd be shelved. Like Visionaries, MASK, Action Man, etc. The era of barbaric warriors like Conan or He-Man is sadly, gone. I'm  guessing that if the merger were to happen, the Bro would be interested in Barbie more than anything.

If He-Man were to make a cartoon comeback, sadly his chances would only increase with the merger... if Hasbro doesn't shelve him. Mattel seems uninterested in bringing back He-Man... seeing that McG is the director for the movie...

Btw I'm at a Starbucks typing this rant like a hipster.