Apr 23, 2014

Barbie Movie is Happening... HWAT!?

I was not joking nearly two years ago when I said that they should try to make a Barbie Movie!! I just didn't expect it to truly happen! Curse you LEGO Movie!! There, something bad that I can say about the LEGO movie. They're hoping to start filming before the end of 2014. You know, I can't wait for this to happen. I KNOW for sure that certain Social Justice Womyn Warriors will bitch and moan about Barbie the movie, simply BECAUSE it's Barbie. I almost expect "Patriarchy diatribes" running loose.

Back to the movie news. The angle going for Barbie is a modern day Mary Poppins type of character.
But, we know which project will be easier to make. Barbie WILL Happen, meanwhile the He-Man movie is gathering more dust than Castle Grayskull.

I'll just have to see how this develops and I MAY HAVE TO SEE THIS... Dammit,  Blockbuster! Why did you have to go broke before this came to DVD?

It Came from the Toy Chest: Sharpening Himself to stab Dolph Lundgren

Finally, the First Masters of the Universe (the Motion Picture) figure is here! I'm talking about BLADE!!

Not THAT Blade!!
I mean THIS Blade! Played by Anthony De Longis... Who is he? Well, he's mostly known for weapon training and stuff. He's done a LOT of stuff and I'm only mentioning a few things.
He Was the Fencing Coordinator on Mutliple episodes of iCarly.
He was the Horse Action Consultant on Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior.
He was the whip trainer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as well as Batman Returns.
He was also Skeletor's Stunt Double for Masters of the Universe. Not to mention the role of Marshal Leigh Johnson in Red Dead Redemption. So he acts, does voices, stunt double, and trains people to use weapons in movies/tv shows. That's enough about the man, let's talk about the Character.

The MOTU Movie used new characters to replace actual characters from the Original Toys.
Saurod was sort of a replacement for Whiplash and Kobra Khan, Karg was a replacement for Trap Jaw, Blade was a Replacement for Tri-Klops. (That's the reason why my Tri-Klops dual wields.)

So, that's Blade in a nutshell, not going to bother with the MOTUC Bio, because aside from his real name and confusing chronology; the bio is good.

He's got the Standard Male MOTUC Articulation. The Armor hinders the articulation a little bit. (Raising the arms can be a bit troublesome.

Paint and sculpt:
He looks a lot like the movie version of Blade. The face is identical to Mr. Delongis after being stylized to fit the bulkier MOTUC Body. Similar to what was done with Standor and Lt. Spector. The likeness to the person is there, but the proportions are tweaked, due to the new body.
I'm surprised at the sheer number of new parts on him. The Paint, well here I've been disappointed. He is missing a few hits and mine was very sloppy on my chainmail. Not nitpicking about those. I'll bitch and moan about the lack of paint hits on his accessories.

He has 3 Accessories, but the Fail is strong on them. The swords are too big. The Toy Sword looks like a Playmates Toys weapon, the "Movie Sword" is too large and Blade can't hold it WITHOUT Warping his hand. Also, the color scheme is from a Highlander Episode (and Mattel cut out paint hits there...)

Swordmaster Blade gets a 3.67 as his final score. It's not bad, but the paintjob issues and the epic fail of the oversized swords did hurt his score a lot.