Dec 22, 2014

Top 11 Properties that Jakks Pacific should go after.

Now that Jakks Pacific has gotten their very own Toy Guru, they need to step up in the boys Department. OK, so they are bringing some World of Nintendo stuff. Sadly, the releases already available have not wowed me... Bowser MIGHT be a bit tempting, but for now I'm a bit more interested on Jakks' Pink Aisle offerings with MiWorld. (Accessory packs/Playsets compatible with 6" figures...) but that's a story for another day.

Taking a page out of the Nostalgia Critic, I'm going for 11 items, because 10 has been overdone.
Now here's the Top 11 Properties that Jakks Pacific should go after (in no Particular order):

King of Fighters:

It's not Mortal Kombat nor, Street Fighter, but SNK characters have not gotten the honor of being immortalized in Plastic on the West. The Main reason to say KoF instead of Fatal Fury and/or Art of Fighting, which is truly what I'm after is because a KoF toyline is the "MOTUC" of SNK's library of characters. If they play it smart, they could make them compatible with the NECA SF IV line for a Little Capcom vs SNK tribute.
They already know how to do this. Jakks had experience doing wrestlers (from both TNA and WWE, not to mention UFC and Rocky figures.) Neitlich has experience in managing a line with a diverse roster.

Personally I don't see the FULL Roster making it. I'm sensing that if this property were to be made, we'd get SOME characters from some teams
-Japan Team (Kyo, Benimaru, Goro) and MAYBE a 99' Kyo variant or Shingo.
-Fatal Fury Team (Terry, Andy and Joe) MAYBE a Garou Terry variant.
-Art of Fighting Team (Ryo, Robert and Takuma) MAYBE a Mr. Karate Variant.
-Women's Team: (Mai, King and Yuri) This team complements the AoF and FF teams.
-Geese Team: Geese, Krauser, and Mr. Big, who complement the AoF and FF teams
-Rugal, Iori and Krizalid. Maybe an Orochi Iori variant. This team would basically complement the Japan Team.
I know that the Ikari and the Psycho Soldier teams are not on this list of possible figures, but I tried to keep this theoretical line up in 3 waves of six. (or making sure that one of each team was on each wave)

This is how Neitlich would capture the attention of the MOTUC fans. Making a MOTUC Compatible (in scale) Thundercats line. I've mentioned the idea of Mattel chasing Thundercats before. It would be a great notch for Neitlich to make Thundercats a successful line.
Getting all the cats + Mumm-Ra and the Mutants would be a Victory,

The Legend of Zelda:
Before you say: Nefty, have you been sniffing your MLP toys and gotten high on Friendship! Let me Explain. I don't mean Legend of Zelda as the Successful Videogame Franchise part of the World of Nintendo line... I mean this Legend of Zelda: NO Not the CDI stuff...

If done in the 7 inch scale, I'm so putting these with my PoP Display... Especially Link...

Captain N: The Game Master:
All this talk of DIC made me remember of this show.  Insert a Writers were MEGA HIGH! when writing this Showicus.
OK, I just want Kevin... and maybe Princess Lana. OK I want Gameboy too! (In Season 2 Link and Zelda make an appearance.)

Thundercats has a bit of Failure stench, thanks to Bandai America mucking up the line and Cartoon Network killing the show. Silverhawks lacks that stench. If Neitlich pulls off the core 5 Silverhawks, (Quicksilver, Bluegrass, Copper Kidd, the Steel Twins) Stargazer, and The Mob: Mon*Starr (both  Depowered and powered versions),Yes-Man, Hardware
Windhammer, Mo Lec U Lar, Melodia, BuzzSaw, and Mumbo Jumbo (but ESPECIALLY MELODIA) this line would be considered a success! I would like to see characters like Poker Face or Time Stopper, but I'd sacrifice them in order to get the main Mob *with Melodia!!

The Centurions:
POWER X-TREME! This would be a rather small line with the 3 Centurions, Dr. Terror, Hacker, the 2 evil drones. Though it could be expanded with Rex Charger, John thunder and Crystal Kane. Jakks could excel here by selling the Extra Upgrades as accessory packs.

Disney's Gargoyles:

If this doesn't make you want Gargoyles figures, then WHAT THE FU HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?
While this is a 90s property, it's the most toyetic of the bunch... the only snafu would be Disney being besties with Hasbro.


This would be putting Jakks in the Big Leagues. This would also play to Jakks' strengths: Accessory packs. Of course these could be extra special effects like Dizzy Stars, or Flame Effects and Projectile attacks (Hadoken, Sonic Boom, etc.) but more importantly they could be used for BONUS STAGES!!

The Ultimate SF Accessory:

The goal here would be making a Decent Roster of World Warriors from SF1 all the way to SF4... The minimum goal would be completeing the Super Street Fighter II Turbo Roster:
(Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Guile, Dhalsim, Blanka, E.Honda, Zangief, Cammy, T.Hawk, Fei Long, Dee Jay,  Balrog, Vega, Sagat, Bison, and Akuma) Now, they could go the Traditional way and do the Game versions (Either SF2, or SF Alpha Versions...)
I have a new twisted idea they could do...

I was kidding about that last one... OK 90% kidding, but a small part of me wants a Raúl Juliá Bison figure.

'Nuff said!

Dungeons and Dragons: 
While, yes, this is just an excuse to get characters from the 80s Cartoon in toy form, but I have an Ulterior motive. A Certain Line with 7" Fantasy Figures that Neitlich used to manage could use some Monsters to pad out some factions, or beasts for Beast Man to control... But seriously, it's mostly to get the D&D Cartoon characters like Venger or Eric the Cavalier...

Defenders of the Earth:
OK, I just want a Super Articulated Phantom and Flash Gordon... OK, I also want Ming too! (Screw Mandrake! OK, not Really, but Flash and The Phantom have a more Toyetic vibe to them.) Only problem is that Galoob was eaten by Hasbro... But there can be hope since DoE was technically a license that Galoob had, since the Characters were not property of Galoob.

El Chapulín Colorado: (I refuse to use the Americanized name "Captain Hopper")
Seeing that Jakks has toys based on El Chavo Del 8, then wanting toys from Chespirito's Other Popular character wouldn't be so far-fetched. El Chapulín Colorado and Chespirito were the Inspiration for the Bumblebee Man. Also, there's an animated series rumored to start in 2015. Unlike El Chavo, I kinda wish we could get two versions. One based on the animation, and another based on Roberto Gómez Bolaños' live action skits.

Dec 21, 2014

odds and ends December 21st 2014

Winter is here and George R.R. Martin has not finished the sixth book of A Song of Ice and Fire. then again what else is new?

 North Korea used hackers to attack Sony and the prohibited the release of the movie The Interview. Using threat of bombs they also "Forced" from playing Team America: World Police as an American Retaliation because it mocks the Korean dictators late father Kim Jong Il. 
I have to say, I understand why they accepted the demands from these terrorists, but at the same time North Korea is not in a place to follow through with these threats (and  I disagree with pulling the movie). In a way Sony and Paramount are trying to protect people's lives,but on the other hand they're making America look weak. Decisions decisions.

I'm kind of disappointed because thanks to the North Korean hackers threats I kinda wanted to see The Tnterview. We will never know now if the movie was good or bad because the supreme NORTH Korean ruler doesn't have a sense of humor and can't accept that he's being mocked. Hell, even Osama bin Laden wasn't crying like a little bitch when they made fun of him countless times after 9/11 and that was a guy who could follow through with his threats.
Hell, Even Obama agrees that the movie should not have been pulled.

In Toy News: The Night Lick has landed... On Jakks Pacific... The guys that HAD WWE and lost it to Mattel. The guys that HAD TNA, but no longer do... Is TNA even alive?
What does Jakks have?
Ridiculously Oversized Star Wars toys that are more like novelties than actual toys. Ridiculously Oversized DC figures. Ridiculously oversized Power Rangers figures.
Big Ass Godzilla, some Motocross line... Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, um some Black and Decker stuff... yes as in the tools. (TG haters are likely to Insert Neitlich is a tool joke here.)
Smurfs and El Chavo (The animated series that is basically rehashing the 1970s skits from Chespirito)

So, can you see where I'm going with this. Aside some Big Ass toys that pegwarm at stores. Jakks Pacific has very little in the Toys for Boys Department. OK, so they have SOME Nintendo Figures, but the closest one to a kickass figure has some huge paint issues.

Basically, Neitlich will have to figure out what to do to help Jakks out of obscurity. I honestly hope that he's learned from his Mistakes at Mattel and that he does a decent job... Then again, he'll have to help in making deals to bring new licenses to Jakks, because the current licenses are a bit lacking.