Jan 29, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: 3D Printing is Magic!

No, I am not talking about the Cool 3D Printed MLP statues that you can get from shapeways, but I AM talking about stuff that you CAN get on Shapeways:

-DJ Force's Trap Jaw 200X Upgrade
-Evilmike's Horde Leader sword (designed by Chris Sunday and yours truly)
-Der Waffen Meister's Ninja Nunchucks without chain

Before I get on with the not really a review, but more of a showcase; I need to point something out.

Shapeways NEEDS to improve their shipping options to Puerto Rico. While UPS is a nifty option, having a Post Office as my only shipping Address can be a bit of a bitch to get my items...

Now unto the items:

I'll remove that sprue once I get the chain!!
I'll start with the ninja nunchucks, because these are very straight forward. These are my plan A to "Fix" some issues with Ninjor Ninja Warrior coming soon for MOTUC Subscribers. The figure has nunchucks, just like we remember, but they are one piece of soft plastic. Think most of the Playmates Michelangelo nunchuks kind of thing. These very inexpensive set allows you to fix that. There is an option that has the chain sculpted in 3D plastic, so you don't have to get your own chain.
I got it in black plastic to avoid the need to paint the nunchuck and cause some paint to stick to the figure's hands... especially a figure with RED Gloves. So, I got a set of chucks. I need to get the chain for it though. Also, if you can get a small ball and add an eye hook to it you could make a pair of chain whips out of the ninja chucks without chain... But this will wait on for a little bit since Ninja Warrior won't be here until Early March.

Hey! These are supposed to be Gunmetal black!
Now, I'll take on the most expensive item in the set, because it's also two pieces.
Trap Jaw's 200X Armor. I mean, it's no secret that I prefer the 200X Designs in most cases for MOTUC. Some of my 200X-ized MOTUC have made it to multiple reviews. Also, the reason why I'm super excited for February's items... (Ninjor will donate Jitsu the 200X loincloth and a 200X He-Man and Hiss will join the shelf...) So, I don't need to explain this armor too much... Hopefully sometime in the future, DJ Force can figure out a way to make Trap Jaw's 200X Weapons in MOTUC Scale and Style to complete the look. I have to admire the cleverness of how this works!
TJ: "I'm 200X-ized and ready to kick ass!"
Rammy:"Uh! You need a black MEF crotch to be 200X-ized"

The Shoulderpad clips on the Actual right Shoulder while the shield clips on to the mecharm! No glue or other frankensteining is required! Now, I have to say this: If you can, go straight for the black plastic one. It's a bit more expensive and not polished, but you won't have to paint much.
Once you paint

The last item is the Horde Leader Sword. This one has a REALLY LONG Explanation.
In the Standor Review, I did make some crude drawings showing ideas for weapons. So, a long time ago I had made a crude drawing on an idea for a Horde Sword... Mostly to showcase the shape and color palette. I was able to find a copy of the original drawing that you can see on the left. (I just noticed that the blade is a bit off-center. Bugging me a lot now...) The Horde Insignia was lacking the details on purpose. I just made the shape of the insignia as a placeholder.

a WHITE Sword in one go!? It took *snort*
3 Tries for Mattel to give me a white
*snort* Crossbow and I had to get a cherry clone
in order to get it! 
The design was improved A LOT by Chris. You can see the added details on the Middle prong and how elegant the blade looks now. Fitting for an evil ruler.
The improved sword was made in 3D by Evil Mike and is available to everybody via his Shapeways shop.

The sword is TECHNICALLY SPEAKING a Trident. The inspiration for Hordak having a Trident came from the Classic imagery of the devil with his Pitchfork. Since, the Horde is basically the BIG Evil in MOTU... (not counting UNO here.), then the pitchfork made sense.

Let's take a look at the three blades once more. The two thinner ones look a bit fang like. Almost like Vampire fangs, right? The third prong is the bat's tongue. The handle is meant to mimic the Hordak Staff Handle. The Handguard is quite obvious. Horde Sword and no Horde Handguard would be wrong.

That was the ORIGINAL Reasoning behind the original design which was mostly the crude shape of it and the palette. Chris Refined the look and embellished the blade making it a regal weapon for the Ruthless (sometimes Evil) Leader of the Evil Horde.

There is an extra aspect that I hadn't noticed. The shape of the whole thing...
It's basically BOTH Versions of the vintage Power Sword...
Ah *snort* the Twins of Power! I have a sword too!
The Original look and the 200X Pitch where Skeletor had both halves of the sword and He-Man needed a Techno Sword.

Now to explain the color choices on my Horde Blade.
The Handle is mimicking the Staff. The red bat used the last bit of dark red that I had. The middle prong is in light Crimson with a metallic rust color (mix of copper and crimson) which is inspired by the whole Power Sword idea mentioned a bit early. Of course you can paint it in any color scheme that you like.

Now, at the end of the day, the whole 3D printed item business is a tad too expensive when factoring in the shipping costs. These pieces are not toys and are not meant to be played with. They are a bit on the Fragile side, so they might break if handled too roughly. As display pieces they are AMAZEBALLS!! I mean, just look at them. They can help to spice up some displays. Not to mention the other stuff that I did not buy. IF Shapeways figures out that USPS CAN deliver to PO Boxes in Puerto Rico, then I may be ordering a lot more from the various MOTUC Shapeways artists.

Jan 27, 2015

I need to rant about what I saw today...

I have to do something extraordinary, so I’m going to do the Fantastic Four!
So, let’s talk Marvel’s first family.
In 1994 Roger Corman, yes THAT Roger Corman made a Fantastic Four Movie:

I saw that movie in 2002 when I rented it from a small comic book store that dabbled in other things. The movie was in the “behind the curtain section” you know… where you could get a lot of Japanese items that could only leave the store in non-descriptive brown paper bags. Among the other Adult Animated movies (involving Japanese schoolgirls and tentacles), there was a single VHS on a Standard Maxell cardboard box. On it there was a piece of Masking tape with the words “Los Cuatro Fantásticos: La pelĂ­cula ”. 3 hours later I was pleasantly surprised. It was a bad movie, but for a B-Movie, it was pretty good. (Not that the movie lasts three hours. It's the distance on foot between the Comic book store and my place followed by the movie's runtime.)

3 years later I got to see the First Official Fantastic Four Movie.

 I was mostly disappointed. I Loathed the plot (especially the part where they rip off Spider-Man’s Norman Osborn sub plot.) and Jessica Alba… How can I HATE Jessica Alba? It’s not easy. I don’t hate her per se. It’s just that she was horribly miscast as Sue Storm. They should have gone with Elisha Cuthbert (from 24) as the rumors before Ms. Alba was cast. I was a bit disappointed in Julian McMahon as Doom, but it mostly stemmed from the script being underwhelming. The only TRUE PERFECT choices in casting where Chris Evans as Johnny Storm and Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm. I have to say that the trailer DID excite me enough to go to the cinema and watch it.

Then came Rise of the Silver Surfer and the less we talk about that movie, the better. Now we’re dealing with Chronicle 2: Now with Marvel Character names! As you can see from the previous sentence, I already have low hopes in the Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. Then the casting choices were revealed…
I’m completely uncomfortable with Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch. It seems very racist to have the black guy light himself on fire. It’s almost as if no one thought this through. I’ve nothing against Michael B. Jordan, as an actor. It’s just that having him play THAT SPECIFIC ROLE is a bit racist, because of the lighting himself on fire part. I could have accepted a Black Reed Richards, as the Leader of the group but , the casting people chose poorly.
Then having Doctor Doom be an angry Blogger pissed me off and sealed this movie as an unpolishable turd.
Now with that said, I’ve taken a look at the trailer…

I’m unimpressed. I watched it again and I got nothing.

I mean, the Morgan Freeman Wannabe narrator giving this super important speech about Humanity, with a bunch of images of the soon to be Fantastic In Name Only Four Chronicle 2. It almost seems as if they’re ASHAMED of showing the Fantastic Four and what they can do. It even depressed me a little bit. No sense of hope, wonder or adventure... the things that one should feel with a movie based on Marvel's First Family!! It's not there! I gotta say, I laughed at the mention of the whole: from the studio that brought you X-Men:DoFP... It's like they;re trying to make us forget that this is the very same studio that brought us: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-3: the Last Stand, Fantastic Four (2005) AND Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer! just sayin'!