Nov 27, 2014

Turkey day and stuff... ing

I'll be honest. I'm dreading tomorrow. Now that I've stuffed myself with food and I'm in a food coma; I think I shouldn't rant.

Let's rant...

Remember my Radical Jack rant? Well it was made on Miley's Birthday... speaking of Miley... The pic on the left is from a Birthday Present she got...

I'm not sure if Miley is into Minecraft or if Mossman has become some sort of Gigolo to pay his bills, but one thing is certain:

"Whenever you think that Miley can't reach a new low... Brace yourselves because she will find a way."

So far, the only thing she's done recently that is not trashy is dating the Governator's son... no, not the one with the maid.

Instead of showing her maturity and moving beyond the squeaky clean Disney image; she looks more immature by fellating blow up dolls, or masturbating plant penii.

Winter is coming and there's a teaser for Season 5 of Game of Thrones. Can't wait for it... Hopefully, bitchface will bite it... Cause the show is drifting from the books and all that; I almost expect them to make Jon Snow the true king of Westeros.

Finally, a new Super Power Beatdown... Batman vs Darth Vader.

I agree with the ending. To think it would have ended differently is completely ludicrous.

Well, that's it for today... Remember that Black Friday is coming...

Nov 26, 2014

Jurassic World: The Trailer: the rant

Trailer is finally here!! Now I can bitch and moan about the whole thing until the Movie comes out...

So, to paraphrase JDF: It's Rantin' time!

Holy crap! The amount of wrong in the trailer... by wrong I mean thinking as someone who "lived through" the Isla Nublar Incident, the Isla Sorna Incidents AND the San Diego Incident, I see a lot of things on the new park that are "WRONG!" Kayaking down a river where Dinos roam is very dangerous, even if there's only Herbivores going around. then there's the effin' Hamster ball... What's stopping a T-Rex from going Beckham with those?

Holy Shoot! Using a Shark to summon the Dinosaur version of Keiko? This has BAD NEWS written all around. Hell! Even Starlord Agrees with me! Even the Trailer agrees with me!

Now as someone who doesn't live in the JP Universe, I have to say: They should have skipped the Teaser and gone straight to the Trailer.