Jul 31, 2014

Perfuma: the Rant

Ah, so it's time to look at a PoP character and how she COULD be classicized in MOTU Classics.
Obviously, the title spoils the character: Perfuma.
She is the Girliest character in the Princess of Power line... I mean look at her!
Try to sell this character to the hardcore Vintage MOTU Fan... The type that discards anything after waves 1&2 and totally LOATHE Filmation.

Her ultra girly look may be a bit of a turn off to those who prefer Barbarian Fantasy. Mermista can be used as a Mermaid, and that can pass in Fantasy... Perfuma, well, she needs a little help

I trust the Horsemen, it's Mattel design who I don't trust.
Now how can we make her awesome?
I mean aside Flowers for Hordak, the only other Appearance of her that I know is The Christmas Special... *shudder* Yes, I shuddered for real when I wrote the Christmas Special Reference. I recalled the horrible song...

So, What did I learn from Flowers for Hordak? Mermista may have a thing for Bow, but Bow knows better. Thanks to Perfuma, Bow got Lei'd... So did a Horde Trooper and Even Hordak got Lei'd... Also, Light Hope is a bit of a dick... He's all: "She-Ra, stay in the woods, screw Perfuma!" Instead of being. "Don't worry about Perfuma, she can take care of herself. Hell! I bet you a hundred that by the end of the episode Hordak's going to be begging for you to take Perfuma!" Cause she's worse than the Annoying Orange. Also the whole Tree being limp but then Glimmer Flashed them and it got hard... I'm not even going to touch that...

It's not simply her actions on the show where Perfuma's badassness lies. Hordikins? dancing with Horde Troopers, looking like she's been smoking some wacky tobacky... Conga lines on the Fright Zone!? It's almost as if my twisted toyverse is canon!!

She is a Plant Elemental. Kinda like Mossman, but more pleasing to the eyes... Like a Heroic version of DC's Poison Ivy. She pretty much terraformed the Fright Zone into a more appealing place. Not to mention that she took on the Horde on her own, won, and made Hordak cry like a baby. THE EVIL RULER OF THE EVIL HORDE REDUCED TO BAWLING LIKE A BABY! That is how powerful Perfuma is. This is something that the Bio Team should emphasize. Not Hippie Girl with flower powers who acts all ditzy and is unaware of her surroundings.

She is banging to the beat of her own drum. She is incredibly eccentric as she is powerful. Sure, they could use the pacifist approach and use her powers to subdue her enemies... Think about it. Second Ultimate Battleground. she's battling Entrapta who grabs her with her hair. Perfuma then grabs Entrapta with Eternia's version of poison oak...
(I almost expect her to kill Evil Seed in her bio and surpass Mossman, cause Neitlichverse!) Taking the character into a more serious direction is possible and necessary to make her more appealing to non-POP fans.

Now WHICH Design should the Horsemen look towards. I mean, Glimmer, Catra and She-Ra are Filmation-like. Bow is a Hybrid between Filmation and toy. Entrapta is mostly Toy... Where should Perfuma lean towards.
Part Reuse would point towards Toy, but Personally, I'd prefer a more Filmation look. Her Toy Dress would limit articulation a lot more than Nettossa's dress and that's a big no-no.
Now Accessories, I expect the PoP Shield. Vintage Perfuma had some kind of Backpack with a Blooming Flower action feature. Turn the Sucker into a Flower Bazooka, or just go for the Generic Rose Thorn whip... Or even better, both the Bazooka AND the thorn whip.

She is a Mystery, that I hope it's solved soon enough...

Kowlometer Update for the 31st of July!
We have Reached 68% and that is good... We need 32% more to reach our goal! We have roughly less than 18 days left before reaching the deadline or the 32% needed...

Jul 30, 2014

It Came From the Toy Chest: Dammit Mattel! It's called a SKY SLED!!

Not a Jet Sled!!
THIS is a Jet Sled... It works as a sled, as seen on the pic and it also worked as a Jet Pack...
The Vehicle that you sold me is a SKY SLED...

I know, copyright BS and all that, but you have theoretically cockblocked the Jet Sled from being made in Classics... If this vehicle were to be made in Classics what would it be called? Jet Pack? (Can't do that since the Grayskull space suit became Jetpack)
Pack Sled? (what the huh?)

So, we have the SKY SLED and Sky High... These were released Last Year, but I got one recently... Then after mine was shipped Scotty Neitlich dropped the Guru Bomb on us with the Whole BATTLE RAM being Released in Q4 2014 (as of the writing of this rant, the Battle Ram is in November and Gwildor was moved to December)
Well, to be perfectly honest, the part that I'm really excited about is the Sky Sled. I have no real attachment to the Mysterious Wind Raider Pilot, AKA Sky High. He showed up on a vintage Poster, flying the Wind Raider and Mattel found a way to make a Figure out of him... We could almost call him the Fourth Fighting Foeman, but the FFM are elitist snobs who only accept members who appeared only on the Monogram Model Kits...

So, let's get Sky High Out of the Way before the main attraction... The Sky Sled.

Looking at him, you can see he is simply a new head and armor on the Hordak buck with the Man-e-Faces Lower half of the body... Yawn! The cool parts are his new pieces and I'm mostly talking about his sword/Wings. So, let's rate the figure already!

Standard MOTUC Articulation, but hands are super gummy. Slightly less gummy than Mosquitor
or Catra's claw hand.

Paint and sculpt:
The sculpt is boring, because he is 90% reused parts and his bottom half is way overused, but a bit too character specific...(the bare legs, furry loincloth and boots are used more often)

Not counting the Sky Sled... He only has his wingblade.
Sky High, on his own gets a 3.5 He is intended to be an army builder as the Generic Air Guard, but the fact that he sold out completely* after I bought him because of the Battle Ram announcement; makes it harder to army build, especially with a vehicle.

Now we move on to the MAIN Attraction: The Sky Sled itself.
As you can see on the pic above, it fits one Male Figure. with Standard grip (My SMAA has no grip on his left hand.) New Adventures he-Man can grip the handles, though he is holding them a bit too loose (due to his soft hands and wider handle on the NA Sword) The handles are too thick for Female Figures. You could Force Teela on the Sky Sled, but you run the risk of warping her hands and Teela is not exactly an easy to find figure.

Since the Sky Sled is a vehicle, I can't rate it like a normal figure.
It has no moving parts, no accessories, save Sky High... So I can only gauge it in paint and sculpt if I were to rate it as a normal figure. and it would get a 5.0 by default.

I do have a few complaints though: Mattel should have made a stand for it. Yes, the Wind Raider stand KINDA works with the Sky Sled, but it's not a perfect fit.

The sled's sculpt bumps with the stand there.
If I push the sled further in, it'll tilt downwards.
They had their chance with the Battle Ram, but instead, we get yet another Man-at-Arms...
One more thing. the Sky sled is INCREDIBLY LIGHT... I noticed this as I was writing the review.

My other Vehicle is a Sky Sled and I can use my sword as
wings... Where are YOUR Vehicles Fighting Foe Lamers!?
That's how light this thing is, so I'd recommend that you be careful when displaying it. (and make sure that it is not hit by a breeze if hanging.) The Figure feels heavier than the vehicle.

Also, Sky High looks FREAKING AWESOME on the Wind Raider... Looks like Duncan or Spector shall end up on the Sky Sled...

While, yes it irks me that to get a True to the Vintage Toy Battle Ram I need this set AND the Actual Battle Ram, to do so, this Sky Sled is freaking AWESOMETASTIC!!

In other news, the Kowlometer was at 60% yesterday (July 29th)... We're close, but we still have a long way to go!